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Emergency Snow Zones and Winter Preparedness

Post Date:11/20/2019 11:44 AM

Emergency Snow Zones and Winter Preparedness


Everyone has a responsibility to prepare for winter. That means getting resources and supplies lined up before the big storm hits. Learn what to expect and get information about street plowing, sidewalk shoveling and protecting your home at


The Streets and Operations Department has a plan for winter street operations, including how we prioritize streets to plow and sand, how we handle driveways and how we’ll deal with certain problematic streets where on-street parking during particularly heavy snowfall has contributed to increasingly narrow and sometimes impassable roads. These are what we call “emergency snow zones.”


As part of a pilot project, during declared snow emergencies, the City will ask that “emergency snow zone” marked streets be cleared of parked cars, to help us plow from curb to curb.  Areas are:


  • Wall Street (Portland Avenue to Colorado Avenue)
  • Bond Street (Wall Street to Colorado Avenue)
  • Chandler Avenue (Mt. Washington Drive to Century Drive)
  • NE Courtney Drive (27th Street to Conners Avenue)
  • NE Conners Avenue (27th Street to Courtney Drive)
  • NW Broadway Street (Franklin Avenue / Riverside Boulevard to Colorado Avenue)
  • NW Tumalo Avenue (Riverside Boulevard to Broadway Street)
  • 17th Street & Troon Avenue (Galveston Avenue to Mt. Washington Drive)


If Bend gets a big snow storm, City officials will consider many factors, including weather forecasts and time of day, in the decision to declare a “snow emergency,” which means parking will not be allowed on these streets during an identified period of 12 hours or until the street has been cleared curb to curb.  The City will publish a news release declaring a snow emergency and identify the 12 hour period for parking restrictions. The City will plow the emergency snow zone streets listed during the identified 12 hours. Once the street has been completely plowed from curb to curb, cars can return to the zone. Work is expected to be done at night in the downtown area.


Another thing everyone can do to prepare for winter is sign up to receive emergency snow notifications via email at During a big storm, check the banner on the front of or call Streets and Operations: 541-323-5980.


As this is still a pilot program, the City doesn’t intend to tow cars, but if we have to tow to facilitate safe streets, it will be at no cost to the driver. If your car is not where you parked it during a snow emergency, call Consolidated Towing 541-389-8080 to find out where your car is.


When it snows, everyone – whether it’s an emergency snow zone or not - can help the Streets and Operations Department plow curb-to-curb by trying to keep streets clear of obstacles such as parked vehicles or garbage cans or basketball hoops.


“Do your neighbors a favor: Don’t get plowed around,” said Streets and Operations Department Director David Abbas. “Plowing around parked cars can end up leaving a berm that would be difficult for a person with a shovel to remove.”

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