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Transportation Needs and Solutions

Post Date:01/16/2019 3:53 PM


Transportation Needs and Solutions


Transportation is the top priority in the community of Bend, according to the results of a phone survey conducted in December, 2018. On Wednesday, the City Council heard a presentation on results of the statistically-valid survey conducted by DHM Research. Results showed a high emphasis on transportation needs.


In an open-ended question asking about the most important issue the City government should address, 46 percent of all participants mentioned something within the category of transportation. Within that category, most said traffic congestion or road repair and maintenance. Some said build or expand roads, or public transportation. The second most important issue for City government to address was housing/affordable housing.


Here is a link to the presentation.


In a separate question directed specifically at what transportation issue is the most important for City government to address, most survey respondents said traffic and roads (traffic congestion, maintain road infrastructure, expand infrastructure, other) and public transportation.


“These survey results confirm in many ways what our community has been talking about for years,” said Mayor Sally Russell. “The results affirm our need to focus on transportation and work hard to meet the needs of the community.”


The City is currently engaging the community in a transportation planning process to help resolve transportation issues facing Bend.


A Council-appointed Citywide Transportation Advisory Committee has been discussing transportation projects to be included as the City updates Bend’s Transportation Plan. The committee’s recommendations include projects to improve connectivity, capacity and safety. Here are those recommended projects. The committee has also discussed several large regional transportation needs, which will be studied further. 


Recommendations will be presented in a public work session of the Steering Committee, and there will be opportunity for public comments. The work session is 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Jan. 30, 2019, in Council Chambers at City Hall.


Citywide transportation projects are just one part of the committee’s recommendations. In the future, the committee will also make recommendations on projects that are needed at the neighborhood street level. In late January, the committee will host neighborhood workshops throughout Bend to get input on transportation improvements needed at the neighborhood level. A list of the neighborhood workshops can be found on the transportation plan website.


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