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Energy Efficiency Progress Update

Post Date:09/19/2017 9:16 AM

Energy Efficiency Progress Update


 Sept. 19, 2017 

One year ago, the Bend City Council adopted a Climate Action Resolution calling for collective action to improve energy efficiency in Bend. You can access the resolution here.

A major component of the resolution was a goal to reduce fossil fuel use in the City’s own operations and buildings. Through analysis of our energy usage, the City determined that electricity and natural gas use make up the majority of our consumption of fossil fuel.

In the last few years, the City achieved a more than 10 percent reduction in electricity use in its facilities with existing staff resources and budgets, which has produced approximately $30,000 in annual savings for the City.

“We have achieved these results by fine-tuning our building systems and educating staff in energy efficiency practices, efforts that come at a very minimal cost,” said Facilities Manager Grant Burke.

The City’s facilities represent 20 percent of total City government electricity and natural gas use. Now the City wants to address the other 80 percent used to power systems such as water and sewer operations with the help of an Energy Services Company and a strategic energy management plan.

At the Sept. 20 City Council meeting (Info: the Council will hear updates on the City’s progress in implementing the resolution and next steps to “employ energy efficiency and fossil fuel reduction policies to guide City operations and growth plans,” an objective under one Council Goal for the 2017-2019 biennium.  

The City will discuss its short term and long term plans to:

  • Identify energy efficiency and fossil fuel use reduction opportunities within City operations and facilities
  • Further integrate land use and transportation planning to reduce vehicle miles travelled and fossil fuel use community wide
  • Support expansion of Cascades East Transit
  • Seek funding for community climate action planning and engage the community in the process


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