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Winter Storm Update #2

1 pm January 10, 2017

Post Date:01/10/2017 2:03 PM

The City of Bend’s Fire, Police, Streets, Utilities and Administration departments, Deschutes County’s Sheriff’s Office, 911 Dispatch, Road Department and Emergency Services Manager, Red Cross, Bend La Pine Schools and Bend Parks and Recreation District are all working together to keep the community safe. Community safety is our foremost concern.

This storm is still growing in intensity and we expect challenges to increase, so here are some helpful tips that will help the public.


Information Hotline

To help the community get the information they need, the agencies are establishing a hotline, based at City Hall, for public information and questions today until 5 p.m. and starting again tomorrow, Wednesday, January 10, at 9 a.m. The number is 541-322-6330.



We know roofs are being loaded but there is a risk to climbing on your roof to remove snow, too. So, how do you know whether to remove snow? Here’s what we’ve learned:

Structures built in Bend with building permits are designed to handle 25 pounds per square foot, which equates to about 20 inches of snow. Older structures, built before the adoption of building codes in Bend (late 1960’s), may not meet this minimum standard. Manufactured homes are designed to carry 30 pounds per square foot, or about 2 feet of snow. Flat roofs are more of a concern, because they tend to hold more snow moisture.

Rainfall on top of snow can add a significant amount of weight to a roof rapidly. If the snow continues to pile up over 20-25 inches on your house, consider removing it from the roof.

It is very dangerous to climb on the roof in snow conditions, please either use a snow rake from the ground or contact a licensed professional, such as an arborist or a roofing contractor to access the roof. Pay attention to where the snow will land if you choose to use a snow rake, and watch out for falling icicles.


Fire Hydrants

The Bend Fire Department is asking for residents to shovel the snow out from around fire hydrants. We understand you may not know where the hydrant is in your neighborhood. There is a fire hydrant locations map on the page.


Gas Appliance Flues (or Vents)

If you have a gas-fired water heater, check your roof to make sure the vent pipe, or flue, protrudes above the snow and is not blocked.


Roads Update

Roads are hazardous. There have been several accidents today. Mount Washington Drive on Awbrey Butte has been briefly closed, but sanders are on site and it should reopen shortly. Drivers are cautioned to slow down and use chains.

All City crews are out, and shifts are working 24 hours a day. Staff from the Utilities Department is helping the Streets Department so that all of our equipment is on the streets. We intend to call out contractors later today to plow residential streets. More:



When the City is plowing these significant record levels of snow, the snow may end up as a berm across a driveway, or covering a sidewalk or a fire hydrant. We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

During the snowfall event, streets are typically opened with one pass through initially, so as to make it just passable for drivers. This is our first priority. However, as weather conditions change, we often alter our snow-clearing strategies in the midst of the snow removal operations to control drifting snow, ice or other special emergency situations. Plow drivers often end up making multiple passes in order to clear a path on a street.


Snow Removal Tip From the Streets Department

If you want to clear your driveway/curb/sidewalk/mailbox or other area before the snowplows have come thru, clear an area on both sides of your driveway and out in the right-of way (about three or four feet creating a large pocket in front of your home) and pile snow onto your yard, not out in the street. This may reduce the possibility of getting a huge pile of snow in your driveway when snowplows clear your street. The more snow you clear from these areas, the less will be deposited at your driveway entrance.


Deschutes County Roads

Many rural residents live on Local Access Roads that are not maintained or plowed by the Deschutes County Road Department. In the event that an emergency service agency requires snow plowing to gain access, the Road Department will mobilize a plow to provide assistance as requested.


Bend Park and Recreation District Closing Early

Bend Park and Recreation District is closing all facilities at 1 p.m. and has cancelled all afternoon and evening programs for today, Jan. 10. Juniper Swim & Fitness Center, The Pavilion and Bend Senior Center are closing early, as well as the District Office and Park Services facility.


Bus Service

Cascade East Transit’s Bend Fixed Routes are on snow schedule today, January 10th. Route 12 leaves OSU 25 minutes after every hour but is unable to serve the NW Crossing area today due to road conditions. The last time to catch Bend fixed-routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11 is at 7:00 p.m. from Hawthorne Station. The last time to catch Rt 12 will be when it leaves OSU at 7:25 p.m. Please call 541-385-8680 with questions or visit and check the service alerts section. Receive text alerts on your cell phone about snow schedules and delays by texting "CET" to 313131.


School Updates

Bend-La Pine Schools are closed today. Also, all evening activities and events are canceled.


Garbage Service

Waste collection services are not able to collect garbage in many areas.

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