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Snow removal update

Post Date:11/14/2014

Contract snowplows are expected to begin clearing neighborhood streets at 10 a.m. and will take about 12 hours to complete the job. 

Bend’s Public Works Department has an organized, reasonable and cost-effective maintenance plan in place for periods of snow or ice. It involves a small army of more than 40 pieces of equipment and three shifts of personnel and contractors. The average annual snow removal cost is $300,000 in a light snow year and $600,000 or more in a heavy snow year.

As part of the plan, City streets are divided into major collectors and arterials, plus streets that serve schools, medical facilities and major employment centers. These areas are scheduled to receive de-icing first prior to a storm and sanding and plowing when snow accumulation reaches two inches. The goal is to complete the work within 24 hours. Public Works crews and contractors will clear residential streets only after at least six inches of snow have accumulated. The first priority for the Street division is to keep the streets open for emergency vehicles and other traffic.

Keep in mind that in order to clear streets, snow may be plowed onto sidewalks or into driveways in certain areas. Citizens are asked, when necessary; to move snow from the sidewalks to the property side of the walkway, not out in the street.

How can you help? Be patient. During a snowstorm every reasonable effort is made to keep roadways open. During a major snowstorm its all hands on deck and all snow removal equipment will be on the road. For special requests, call the snow removal hotline at 541-317-3002. In an emergency, call 911.

Snow removal – your responsibilities

Did you know that property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from the sidewalk adjacent to their property? Per City Code, sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice within six hours of daylight after snow has fallen or accumulated in commercial areas and within 24 hours in residential areas. Many of our residents, including children, use sidewalks to get to and from work, school and bus stops. When snow is not removed in a timely manner, it becomes extremely difficult for pedestrians to get to their destination safely, often forcing them into the street. If you have question about the City’s snow and ice code, please contact Julie Craig, City of Bend Code Enforcement, at 541-388-5527.

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