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Barrier Removal Requests

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The City's Barrier Removal Request Reporting Program allows citizens with disabilities to report physical or structural barriers located in the City right-of-way that impede or obstruct travel. Common barriers in the City right-of-way can include sidewalk or curb ramp deficiencies. 

Note:  If you are NOT an individual with a disability and have a request pertaining to the City's public right-of-way, please complete the City's Service Request Form.

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Sidewalk deficiencies may include heaving, spalling (surface deficiencies), lifting due to tree root, cracking, etc.

    sidewalk ends at corner with vertical curbs, i.e. no curb ramps on corner.                     Sidewalk abruptly ends (dead end) with no access to street level.

Curb ramp deficiencies may include sidewalks with missing curb ramps at corners (vertical curbs), sidewalks that abruptly ends (dead end) with no access to street level, etc.

Upon receipt of a barrier removal request, an Accessibility Program or Right-of-Way Operations & Maintenance staff person will inspect the alleged barrier.  The requesting citizen will be contacted by a staff person within 15 business days form the date of the inspection to inform the citizen of the City's evaluation of the barrier and planned response.

Barrier removal requests are prioritized using the City's Barrier Removal Request Scoring Matrix.  For more information see the City's Barrier Removal Request Policy.

Barrier Removal Request Form

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If you are an individual with a disability that has encountered a physical or structural barrier located within the City right-of-way and wish to make the City aware of the problem, please complete the form/questionnaire below.


Please complete the entire questionnaire. Please note, if the information you provide is incomplete or the City has questions about your request, we may not be able to fully investigate if we cannot contact you.


If you need assistance with filling out the below questionnaire, please contact the Accessibility Program  or call at (541) 693-2198. 

Please Note: (*) indicates required fields.

Contact Information
Contact Information

Address/Location of Physical or Structural Barrier?

Address/Location of Physical or Structural Barrier?

Barrier Removal Request Description 

Please describe how the barrier impacted or affected your ability to travel within the City right-of-way in the box below.  Please be specific as to how the barrier is affecting the person with a disability (if not self) in traveling in the City's right-of-way.  For example, the barrier ____ is preventing the ability of the person to get to a bus stop, shopping center, park, etc.  Please provide location of destination, if applicable. *

Please upload any additional documents or photos to support your barrier removal request.
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