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City Council Goal Setting Meeting

  • Date: 02/05/2019 9:00 AM  
  • Location: Mount Bachelor Village, Winter's Hope Conference Room
    19717 Mount Bachelor Drive

 Day Two – 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM
• Welcome and check-in.
• Reflect on the activities of Day One.
• Welcome additional staff to the retreat.
Agenda Item Outcome: Establish expectations and prepare for a productive day together.
"This I Believe..."
• Each member of the governing body will be given an opportunity to share their "belief" about the future of the City.
Agenda Item Outcome: Develop an understanding of the various perspectives of individual members of the governing body.
The Current Context
• The City Manager and the Management Team will share an assessment of the City Services organized by Core Services Areas. This will include a SWOT analysis, an update on current projects, and the staff’s perspective on emerging issues and strategies.
o Infrastructure, Land Use, and Housing
o Public Safety
o Central Services
Agenda Item Outcome: Understand and share insights on the current operating environment.
The Strategic Planning Framework
• We will consider the framework established for the 2017-2019 Strategic Plan and see if the themes or “big buckets of things that must go well” are appropriate as the City begins planning for 2021 and beyond.
Agenda Item Outcome: Ensure the City’s Strategic Planning Framework appropriately reflects the direction of this City Council.
Individual Priorities
• Each member of the Council will have an opportunity to share their three priorities for the City for 2019-2021.
Agenda Item Outcome: Share and understand one another’s individual priorities.
Governing Body Priorities
• The group will consider the individual priorities of the members of the Council and identify where the collective energy of the group is for establishing funding priorities and policy directives for the City in the coming 12-24 months.
Agenda Item Outcome: Establish priorities to guide the efforts of the organization during the next two years.
Defining Success (as needed)
• Articulate the following for each priority initiative/issue:
o What is the problem that needs to be solved/opportunity being seized?
o What does success look like?
Agenda Item Outcome: Provide clarity about priority issues and how they should be addressed in the coming years.
Management Team Farewell
• The Management Team will be invited to leave to allow the Council to wrap up any unfinished governance business from Day One. We will ask them to share a parting thought as they exit.
Agenda Item Outcome: Understand staff’s perspective on the work of the retreat.
Great Expectations
• The group will share expectations they have for their colleagues and the City Manager as they govern together.
Agenda Item Outcome: Identify shared expectations and create mechanisms for holding one another accountable to these expectations as the group works together in the coming year.
Parting Thoughts/Adjourn
• As the retreat comes to a close, each participant will be asked to share a parting thought on how they feel about the work done during the retreat.
Agenda Item Outcome: Closure for our time together.

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