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Charter Review Committee

 4:00 p.m. Charter Review Committee Meeting

1. Call to Order

Committee Members: Bill Galaway, Co-Chair, Brent Landels, Co-Chair, Don Leonard, Katy Brooks, Stephanie Senner, Richard Ross, Kathleen Meehan Coop, Chad Sage, Dan Fishkin, Anne George, Angela Chisum

2. Review Charge from Council and Committee Decision-Making Process (15 min.)

3. Directly Elected Mayor (60 minutes)
• Provide direction on issues related to a directly elected mayor; see attached matrix

4. Wards (45 minutes)
• Define the problem we’re trying to solve
• What other information is needed
• Prepare matrix for next time

5. Future schedule – next meeting September 12

6. Adjourn (6:00 p.m.)

For meeting materials and more information visit:


More information about this committee and meeting materials are available on the website:

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