Safety Implementation Project - 2014

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Safety Implementation Project

Final Concept

Final Concept

Click the image above to view the Technical Advisory Committee recommended final concept for implementation. This TAC recommendation was supported by the public at an open house held on April 30, 2015.  


Safety Implementation Project - 2014

The City recently completed an assessment of crashes that were occurring within the community.  A complete report can be found by clicking Safety Review - 2012.  The assessment identified areas of the system that could be modified to reduce crash numbers and injury/fatality occurrences.  The project map identifies areas of concern.  The identified safety focus areas from the assessment include:

  • Roadway Departure Crashes
  • Multi-lane Roadway Crossing Crashes for Pedestrians
  •  Bike Right Turn Hook Crashes
  • ADA Pedestrian Crashes
  • Bicycle Parking Downtown
The main purpose of this project is to develop construction drawings for a limited series of safety countermeasure projects. Secondary purposes include: establishing community support for safety countermeasures; providing opportunities to teach safe habits and choices to the community; and establishing new standard drawings and/or specifications that embed safety countermeasures into the mainstream building techniques of the community. 

 Project Documents

Project Components

     Create Corridor Crossing Plans - 2014

   Roadway Departure Crashes - 2014

   Create Countermeasures for Bike Crashes - 2014

 Meeting Date Meeting Materials 
 June 23, 2014 TAC Meeting Agenda & Minutes 
July 23, 2014  TAC Meeting Agenda & Minutes
August 20, 2014  Training
TAC Meeting Agenda & Minutes
August 21, 2014   TAC Meeting Agenda & Minutes
September 17, 2014   TAC Meeting Agenda & Minutes
 Open House #2
October 15 & 16, 2014
 Open House
Agenda & Public Comments
October 16, 2014   TAC Meeting Agenda & Minutes 
November 20, 2014   TAC Meeting Agenda & Minutes
December 16, 2014   TAC Meeting Agenda & Minutes
January 22, 2015  TAC Meeting Agenda 
March 12, 2015  TAC Meeting Agenda
April 30, 2015  TAC Meeting Agenda 
Open House #3
April 30, 2015 
Meeting Invitation
Meeting Invitation (Spanish)
Invitation to Businesses
All Concepts
Corridor Crossing Plans UPDATE 
Public Comments
June 22, 2015   Meeting Agenda
Meeting Minutes for 4/30/15
Next Steps
Final Concept Design Report
Demonstration Project Memo
Preliminary Engineering Assessment Report
Draft Minutes for 6/22/15