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Bend MPO

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Bend Metropolitan Planning Organization (BMPO) is the federally designated regional transportation planning organization for Bend. 

Horizon line composed of Mt Bachelor, Broken Top and the Three Sisters

The BMPO serves as a forum for cooperative transportation decision-making by state and local governments, and regional transportation and planning agencies. MPOs are charged with maintaining and conducting a "continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive" regional transportation planning and project programming process for the MPO area.  BMPO formed in December 2002 when the Bend area reached 50,000 in population.

Transportation Planning

Transportation planning is about identifying opportunities to improve mobility for the people and businesses who use transportation systems; it is about providing accessibility for everyone in your community.Transportation planning helps the public and elected officials translate goals and visions into a Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) for the BMPO. The BMPO will develop a short-term program of projects, called a Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP), which is updated every four years. Once the MTIP is approved by the MPO, it is added without changes to the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). Each State develops a STIP consistent with the Long-Range Statewide Transportation Plan.

Metropolitan Transportation Planning 

BMPO is tasked with establishing a setting for effective decision making and manage a fair and impartial setting for effective regional decision-making in the MPO area to develop transportation plans and initiatives.

Plans and Initiatives:

Transportation Data Portal

BMPO is charged with identifying performance measure targets and monitor whether implemented projects are achieving targets.  BMPO data portal will provide data to help develop this performance targets in our MTP.  

Data Systems:

Bend MPO Governance

The BMPO Policy Board is responsible for all actions, agreements, and functions to be carried out by the MPO, including the management, supervision, policy and direction of all programs, functions, and activities established and operated under the MPO. The board made up of local elected officials sets policy for an MPO and adopts long-range plans and short-range programs of future transportation improvements. The general public, as well as various stakeholder groups, such as nonprofit, community-based, and environmental organizations, provide input that informs the policies, plans, and overall program direction that an MPO follows.