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The Business Advocacy Program is designed to provide local business owners, and potential business owners, with a dedicated staff member within City Hall. Current Business Advocate, Ben Hemson, serves as your first point of contact for city related questions, keeps stakeholders in the loop on important developments, and engages members of the business community around relevant city policy or process issues.

Reach out directly with questions, concerns, or feedback:, (541)388-5529 or @BendBizAdvocate.


Stay in the Know on Summer Paving with the 2017 Street Preservation Map

Dear Bend Business Owner,

The warmer temperatures many of us have been waiting for are here…for now.

The arrival of spring doesn’t just mean better weather, it means city crews and private contractors are hard at work repairing or upgrading streets, sewers, water lines, and more.

In a previous email I spotlighted some of the large construction projects you may run into around town. These efforts can take months (or years) to complete and offer predictable detours. You can keep track of their progress and impacts via the weekly road and traffic report, available each Friday afternoon on the City news page.

This time of year also means it’s time for street paving. Paving related delays are shorter, lasting hours to days, and less predictable as they’re planned city wide and dependent on weather conditions.

Click on the map below to download a full size copy of the 2017 paving plan to see where you can expect paving projects near your business this year. If you have questions about timing on a particular project please reach out and I can work to keep you in the loop as schedules are firmed up.
Click on the map to download a full size version

If you’re noticing potholes or other issues with roads anywhere in town, you can always report them directly to the Streets Department by contacting their hotline at 541-317-7000. Just like last year a dedicated crew is out addressing potholes all over town, they’ve already filled thousands of holes after our harsh winter and will continue working through the summer.

Do you have other questions or concerns? Get in touch at the contact info below or by hitting reply to this message.

Thank you for doing business in Bend!


Ben Hemson

Business Advocate

City of Bend

(541) 388-5529