Neighborhood Associations


The Bend Neighborhood Associations provide residents the opportunity to help shape the future of their neighborhood and the City. Neighborhood Associations maintain and improve the quality of life in the city, increase citizen participation in local decision making, and form an effective partnership between the city and neighborhood residents.  At this time there are 13 Neighborhood Associations that are recognized by the Bend City Council.  If you would like to know which Neighborhood Association you live in check the Neighborhood Association map and then visit your association's website.  You can also send an email to all the Neighborhood Associations at this address:  Neighborhood Association membership is free and residents are welcome to attend meetings of any Neighborhood Association, even if they don't live within their boundaries.

Contact Information for Developers & Event Coordinators

Neighborhood Associations draw people closer to their city government and closer still to their fellow neighbors. Neighborhood participation gives residents a stronger, united voice in civic life and joins them in shared neighborhood projects.

Neighborhood associations are inclusive, reflecting the diversity which enriches a community. Members include families, singles, retired people, youths, business owners, faith-based organizations, schools, homeowners, and renters.  Formally recognized and well-developed Neighborhood Associations can provide recommendations to the City Council on a variety of topics, including:

  • Neighborhood streets, traffic control and patterns
  • Parks and open spaces
  • City services
  • Budget
  • Crime prevention
  • Capital improvements
  • Land Use (zone changes, variances, subdivisions, zoning ordinances)